Today, we want to delve into a topic that often stumps art lovers: "What is the best way to display art prints?" While there's no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, we're here to guide you through 15 unique ways to display art prints in your home or office. Let's embark on a journey of creative inspiration to make your living spaces come alive with the essence of art.


1. Framed and Matted: The classic choice! Frame your art prints with a complementary mat to create a polished and timeless look. This approach is perfect for showcasing individual pieces as focal points in your room.

2. Gallery Wall: Mix and match various art prints to create a visually stunning gallery wall that tells a story about your style and interests. Gallery walls can be symmetrical or eclectic, depending on your taste.

3. Floating Frames: Give your art prints a modern twist by using floating frames that make the artwork appear to be suspended in the air. This technique adds a touch of sophistication and uniqueness to your display.

4. Acrylic Blocks: For a sleek and contemporary look, place your art prints in acrylic blocks. These blocks add depth and dimension to your space, making your art seem like it's floating in a crystal-clear world.

5. Clipboards: Showcase your art prints by clipping them onto stylish clipboards and arranging them in a creative pattern. This dynamic and changeable display is perfect for those who like to switch things up regularly.

6. Easel Display: Embrace an artistic atmosphere by placing your art prints on decorative easels. This method allows you to easily rotate your collection and experiment with various arrangements.

7. Shadow Boxes: Create a 3D effect by placing your art prints in shadow boxes alongside carefully curated objects that enhance the theme. This approach turns your wall into a dynamic art installation.

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8. Washi Tape Display: Express your creativity by using colourful washi tape to create a playful and temporary art display on your walls. Ideal for renters or those who enjoy changing their decor frequently.

9. Hanging Rails: Opt for hanging rails that allow you to easily swap out art prints whenever you want to refresh your space. This flexible option ensures your walls stay dynamic and engaging.

10. Clothesline Display: Hang art prints from a clothesline or wire for a whimsical and changeable wall art solution. This charming approach adds a touch of nostalgia and can be easily customised.

11. Art Ledges: Install art ledges along your walls to display your favorite art prints in a casual and organised manner. This method is both practical and visually appealing, allowing you to curate your collection effortlessly.

12. Grid System: Organise your art prints in a grid pattern for a clean and modern look that can be easily expanded as your collection grows. Grid displays offer a sense of order and balance.

13. Rotate and Swap: Don't be afraid to rotate and swap your art prints seasonally to keep your space feeling fresh and dynamic. This approach ensures your living area stays in sync with the changing seasons.

14. Custom Collage: Create a personalised collage by arranging art prints alongside your own photographs and mementos. This deeply personal display tells a unique story about your life and experiences.

15. Digital Frames: Embrace technology by considering digital frames that allow you to display a rotating collection of art prints with ease. This high-tech option provides a seamless way to enjoy your art collection.

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Remember, the best way to display art prints is the one that resonates with your personal style and complements your space. So, explore these 15 ideas, mix and match, and don't forget to browse Noonstead's unique art prints to find the perfect pieces to elevate your surroundings. Art has the power to transform your space and create an atmosphere that reflects your personality and passions. Happy decorating!

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